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Week in Photos: Week 34

The fanciest fruit punch that I ever did see from a kid's lemonade stand.

This week's graze box is all kinds of YES PLEASE.

Joy's chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies, sans topping.

I grew a dinosaur!

Pineapple pork tacos and a pork burrito... mmmmmm.

A lovely little package from Kaylah full of my favorite candy and some Lloyd stickers!

Why are cats always so curious about the groceries?

I made muesli!

Now THAT is a proper breakfast.

Those two.

My parents brought us chocolate from France. And these amazing butter biscuits. Made even better with Nutella!

There's a cat on my mail.

Our favorite local brew pub.

We finally have a couch! Except it's a kids' bed frame. With couch cushions. Practically the same thing.

Now all we need is a new dining table...

Made a quick visit to my family's house in New Jersey.

My sister is going to hate me for posting this, but she makes the best Squidward face.

Turf & Surf with the whole family!

I hope you had an awesome week!!
Mine was busier than I thought because I had a lot more photos than I remember taking.


  1. Yay Graze! I got the banana caramel dippers this week, too. The Hot Cross Yum was in my very first box. God I love Graze. It is such a highlight of the work week, getting snacks delivered to my office. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who still loves those "grow a ____" things. They crack me up to this day, so simple and yet so brilliant. xo

  2. Haven't tried the Hot Cross Yum yet, but I've had the banana caramel dippers twice now and they are AWESOME. It really is the best opening my mailbox and seeing a graze box in there! Oh man, growing a dinosaur was so much fun! I don't understand how it works, and I don't know why it smells so chemically still, but hey! I grew a dinosaur. I have one more :)


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