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Week in Photos: Week 33

Looking up.

Breakfast in a jar, in a bag.

It's the perfect season for s'mores!

Sylvester and his selfies.

Something does not belong here. (Oh, Shawn!)

So many eggs!

I love that it's been cool enough outside to roast things inside.

World news versus national news. (Sad news all around.)

Those are some majorly large zucchini!

Breakfast for dinner!

I love when the sky looks like this! I took a video of the clouds moving.

My parents came to visit today and met Sylvester for the first time. Lloyd was being antisocial and Sylvester took in all of the attention like usual. We ate too much for lunch, like usual. My parents live in Switzerland, so it's always nice to get to spend some time with them when they make the trip out here. My siblings only live an hour and a half drive away but I feel like I see my parents more often than I see them sometimes! I suppose that's just what happens when you all get older and start leading your own lives though. Regardless, a little family time is always a good time.

Hope you had an awesome week!!