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Week in Photos: Week 32

Yep, this is almost the exact same photo as three weeks ago... apparently we like hawaiian pizza and cheese fries.

Lloyd wants you to know that he's a fierce cat.

I enjoy healthy breakfasts.

Mixed berry cheesecake goodness.

There's a brand new Target in town, so of course I had to check it out.

Practicing my chocolate drawing skills.

I'm so giddy about my hair getting longer!

They got freaked out by the dishwasher being on.

Working on s'mores cupcakes. The frosting will be the best part.

Sleepy cat in the HOUSE.

Shawn always gets the first slice.

They're finishing up the construction next door... which means they work 7 days a week and start at 7:30am....

I spent a little money at Anthropologie... but that skirt is too beautiful to resist!

Spring rolls at P.S. & Co. downtown.

Hope you had an awesome week!!