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Week in Photos: Week 31

I got the boys a tunnel for Lloyd's birthday!

Peach crisp is the scone of the month at work.

Everyone in the kitchen giggled like school girls when we noticed this particularly happy box of produce...

Speaking of happy produce... exactly how colossal are the super colossal onions?!

The little flowers make me happy.


I made some peanut butter cup cookies, but I had to improvise when I couldn't find my mini muffin tin.

One of my colleagues turned 50 recently so we all celebrated by taking a painting + wine & dine class together.
I hadn't painted anything since high school!!

Everyone say "Lighthouse!"

Someone else is interested in my breakfast platter.

This post made possible because of happy little clouds.

Hope you had an amazing week!


  1. bahaha happy little clouds. Have you ever watched the bob ross remix? Great. I've seen lots of people take these art classes, I'm going to have to see if there's anything like that around me.

  2. I've always thought those painting classes sounded really fun! And that last picture is too funny! :D I love Bob Ross!

  3. It was fun! I hadn't heard of it until my coworkers mentioned it. I can't wait to go back with Shawn!

  4. The Bob Ross remix is so good :) And you should totally look into it! It was so much fun!

  5. The happy little clouds just about killed me. I used to watch Bob Ross all the time growing up! Adorable. As are you! xo

  6. Thank you! I haven't seen a lot of Bob Ross, but Shawn loves him!


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