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The Cat Life - 7

I moved things around on my desk to allow the cats more space to sit in front of the window, since they seemed to just shove everything out of their way anyway. Then I set up a box below the window, just to see what would happen. Well, cats love boxes, as we all know, so you can guess what happened. I also tried putting my yoga mat out in the living room and the boys were drawn to it like magnets. Anyone who has roaming pets knows that it's impossible to work out at home without interruption or curious stares. I guess I'll just stick to the carpet.

Every week I go through my photos and I find that I have taken so many of these two. I'll never get tired of it though, and I hope you'll never get tired of seeing them!

P.S. Why hasn't anyone made a shirt yet that says "My cats have an internet following"?