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The Cat Life - 6

Lloyd has been silly lately. First, he endorsed Flying Fish Brewery. (Sorry, buddy, there are no actual fish in there!) Then he decided that the dishwasher was a good place to settle in for a while. He's done that again since that photo was taken! Sylvester just goes along with his antics. I guess he figures there's no point in arguing with siblings because it's not like they're going to listen anyway.


  1. Haha the one of Lloyd in the dishwasher just kills me! I bet my guys would do that too... If I had a dishwasher! :'(

  2. Aw, we've had dishwashers in our last two apartments and we never ever use them. We wash everything by hand and then stack them in the dishwasher to dry - otherwise we'd be waiting a week before accumulating enough dishes to run a load!


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