Monday, August 18

The Cat Life - 6

Lloyd has been silly lately. First, he endorsed Flying Fish Brewery. (Sorry, buddy, there are no actual fish in there!) Then he decided that the dishwasher was a good place to settle in for a while. He's done that again since that photo was taken! Sylvester just goes along with his antics. I guess he figures there's no point in arguing with siblings because it's not like they're going to listen anyway.

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  1. Haha the one of Lloyd in the dishwasher just kills me! I bet my guys would do that too... If I had a dishwasher! :'(

  2. Aw, we've had dishwashers in our last two apartments and we never ever use them. We wash everything by hand and then stack them in the dishwasher to dry - otherwise we'd be waiting a week before accumulating enough dishes to run a load!


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