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Playing Catch Up

It occurred to me that I haven't done one of these posts in a while, despite watching a lot of good shows and listening to some good tunes lately. So here you go!
House M.D. - Back in 2009 I watched a few of the later seasons of House via Hulu, but I had never been able to watch the show from the beginning. Shawn and I have been having House marathons ever since Netflix got a hold of it. The show is great (and there are so many cameos!), House's character is even better (he's such a jerk realist junkie and I love it!), and watching Hugh Laurie is the best. Because younger Hugh Laurie was pretty much the spitting image of Shawn (well, I seem to think so), which makes me even more excited to grow old with my own Gregory House.
Total Drama Island - I've been watching this animated series whenever I need something short to put on while I'm in the kitchen. It's an animated reality show about a bunch of teenage campers. Need I say more?
Longmire - Shawn started watching this on his own and I've since caught a few episodes. I'm eager to watch it from the beginning because it seems like a really good show!
Hell on Wheels - Same goes for this show, about the building of the railroads across America. I'm not usually into period pieces but this one has definitely captured my interest.
Revenge - A colleague introduced me to what I can only call a modern day soap opera... and I love it. I've watched the only two seasons Netflix has and I'm hungry for more. I mean, who doesn't love watching rich, powerful, mean people fall?

102.9 WMGK - The CD player in my car stopped working some time last year and I never felt like dealing with fixing it, so I've been listening to the radio during my commutes. Philadelphia's classic rock station is by far the best around, and I love getting to listen to the classic rock riddles on my way to work.
Jurassic 5 - I love these guys, and I love the assortment of other artists that Pandora plays on the J-5 station. This is what I listen to pretty much every time I'm baking at home. It makes me want to dance!
Weird Al - I've been catching up on his latest parodies and the guy still has it.

Haven't been doing a whole lot of reading lately.... I've been working my way through books ever so slowly, and I definitely owe you guys an updated B.Read List soon. When we moved I reorganized my bookcase by favorites, need-to-reads, graphic novels, and cookbooks. So I plan on re-reading some old books and finally reading some others that have been on my bookshelf for years. I love the library, but I should really read through my own before venturing back out there!

Shawn and I have been super excited about going to the PA Renaissance Faire this year. The first/last time we went was to the NY faire two years ago, and this year we're planning on going in costume! We've invited at least three other couples to come with us too, because the more the merrier! So we've spent the last two weeks looking into costume ideas and finalizing the plans with everyone. I'm not going to tell you any more than that though - you'll just have to wait and see! We've also been looking into a few other things... thinking about our 5-10 year plan. We love Philadelphia but eventually we want to see more of the country, and we've been trying to figure out the logistics of doing so. There are so many beautiful places to see and interesting people to meet.... we're excited at the thought of it all, and I'll just leave it at that.

(Photo by Death to the Stock Photo)