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Week in Photos: Week 30

He looks disgusted, but I just caught him mid-yawn.

Shawn's mom came to visit and we all hung out on the floor together.

Someone made a terrible font decision.

We bought a case of Beer Camp and are slowly working our way through each.

Mini key lime pies!

So many tart shells!

Cantaloupe takes me back to childhood. This one was soooo good.

I made a peach blueberry pie. The crust was pretty darn good.

Our first squirrel visitor at the new apartment!

There's a stand at the farmer's market near work that sells just the marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal.

Sylvester selfie!

I usually do pink or red but sea foam green seemed nice today.

Lloyd is the master (and he doesn't let Sylvester forget it).

Made myself a Moscow mule before tackling the dishes.

I hope you had an awesome week! I took a quick trip into New Jersey on Saturday but didn't take any photos, though I did eat some bangin' huevos rancheros. Other than that, it was a pretty quiet week of recovering from the heavier workload of the week before. I took a ton of photos of the cats, of course... but you'll just have to wait for those ;)


  1. LUCKY BITS. Now that's my kind of farmer's market!! I've always wished that buying just the marshmallows was an option :)

  2. Your baking photos always make me hungry.. Looking forward to your next instalment of cat photos, as always! :)

  3. Aw, thank you!! I really need to start posting recipes again!

  4. I know! I didn't know about them until a co-worker told me where I could find them... now that may be a weekly stop.

  5. Do you bake much at home since you bake all day at work? I love that first picture of Lloyd, so cute!

  6. That's my (and Shawn's!) one complaint... I definitely don't bake at home as much now as I used to. I feel like I get my baking creative juices flowing at work and by the time I get home I'm mostly drained. I do make us chocolate chip cookies every week though! And I've been trying to be better about changing it up every once in a while!

  7. Yay moscow mules! And I like the nail polish! Do you have the recipe for the mini key lime pies? I'd like to make some for a party I'm going to

  8. It's at work! I'll copy it down for you tomorrow - it's super simple!


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