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Week in Photos: Week 29

Every week starts with pizza... you should know this by now.

The 50+ pound watermelon.

Trying out the selfie features on my phone...

Mini chocolate orange tarts... mmm.


Margaritas and guacamole after work. (Mom, you would love this place!!)

Shave shave shave that chocolate!

Then top a chocolate cake with it.

Getting a hand with the decorating.

I helped work a catering on Saturday (after making five different cakes for them)... they wanted all the cakes on this small cart, but there was barely enough room for all the cakes!

One good thing about working the catering was that I finally got to see the inside of the cakes I made!

Lloyd wants to pet Sylvester too!

Today was a beautiful day to pick blueberries!

Definitely a beautiful day.

We picked two quarts of blueberries and a few peaches (not much in the way of peaches today)... all delicious.

Shawn took this photo of me, since I don't get many myself. That's my usual face.

Hope you had an awesome weekend!


  1. oh man I miss blueberry picking! Margs and guac sounds pretty perfect right now, and it's only Monday afternoon.

  2. those baked good makes my mouth water! And I love the idea of starting the week with pizza!

  3. That's because margaritas and guac are great every day of the week!


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