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Week In Photos: Week 28

Pizza is always a great way to start/end the week.

The sky was really pretty Monday morning.

My giant bin of cocoa powder at work makes me feel like I'm on an archeological dig.

The beginnings of mini eclairs.

Coffee pastry cream + chocolate ganache = mocha.

Having a "hoot" at work....

Moon in the daytime!

Food trucks and a Phish-y crowd at the Mann Center.

We went for the pork tacos, and I have pale legs.

You can see the Philly skyline once all the heads are cropped out....

Found a ladybug stuck inside my car window!

They like to watch us sleep.

Cheesecake; upside down and in a glass!

Went to see an outdoor screening of The Wizard of Oz played alongside Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

"You got beets?" "Yeah, I got beets." "Mmm. I like beets."

Homemade pizza!

I've given up a quarter of my desk so that the cats can lounge near the window.

A friend and I spent yesterday afternoon enjoying Spruce Street Harbor Park. (More photos in a post soon!)

I got a new phone today! (With a fancy case!) The screen is bigger than my old iPhone in its entirety. I like new toys :)

Hope you had an amazing weekend! I've been loving this summer so far.