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Week in Photos: Week 27

A snack that takes me back to my childhood.

Cat selfies.

These blueberries & cream scones look like boobies (so mature). Or eyeballs.

Cake pops, before.

Cake pops, after.

I am a breakfast making pro.

Tasty tasty dinner.

Cats all up in my bizznizz, take one.

Cats all up in my bizznizz, take two.

France vs Germany, and some Sofie.

Frittata prepping. The final product didn't photograph well, but tasted delicious.

Took a walk around the neighborhood and stumbled upon the cutest little library.

Hope you had an awesome weekend!!


  1. Hello just wanted to say how much I enjoy your kitty and baking photos. I just have one question about your cake pops do you put icing by the stick to keep it sturdy? I've always had issues with the cake pops falling off the sticks.

  2. Thanks! As far as the cake pops go, I dip the stick in chocolate before sticking it into the cake balls. I'm not sure if that actually helps, but I like to think it acts as an extra adhesive. Then I freeze everything for at least a few hours before dipping the cake pops straight out of the freezer! I think the freezing step may also help them stay on the stick, but it mainly just helps the chocolate set faster and keeps it from cracking.


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