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Wardrobe Flashback

Over the weekend I organized my digital photo albums and I came across some long forgotten about treasures. Maybe treasures isn't the correct word, but sometimes it's fun to look back on the person you were at one point in time, especially when you have photographic evidence. These were my first real attempt at what I wore photos... they never ended up anywhere online because at the time I wasn't really blogging, save for a seldom-updated food blog. They date back to 2008/2009, when I had just moved back home after college and was working jobs here and there before getting my first 'real' pastry gig. I can honestly say I do not own any of these items of clothing anymore, except for the hats and those red shorts. It's fun to see how my style has changed since then; I thought some of you may get a kick out of seeing a bit of the old me...

It does make me miss my long hair though...


  1. Ooh I like the outfit with the shorts and the hat! I'm sure I've got old pictures of myself hidden in a folder somewhere.. Maybe it's time I dig them out!

  2. C'est vrai que ├ža t'allait bien les cheveux longs !

  3. Oui! Je les laisse pousser depuis Janvier... mais c'est tres lent :(


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