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Summer Staples

top, shorts, bracelet: Anthropologie / shoes: Birkenstock

This is my take on summer casual - the usual combination of t-shirt, shorts, and sandals. I'm not much of a t-shirt wearer so I'll reach for a blouse most days, though this particular top crosses the line between both, because the outer layer is blouse-y but then the under layer is a soft jersey material. These denim shorts and Birkenstocks have been my go-tos all spring and summer... I haven't found a more comfortable pair of shorts or sandals, although I may be due for a new pair of Birks soon if I keep that pattern up!

When I do these what I wore posts, it often makes me feel like a walking advertisement for Anthropologie. I only worked there for a few months but while I was there, I replaced a lot of items in my wardrobe with staples (and fun things, of course!) from Anthropologie... so now whenever I get dressed I find myself reaching for at least one Anthropologie piece. Hence, everything in this post, with the exception of my shoes, comes from Anthropologie.