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Giraffes and Cell Phones

top: Gap / skirt: Anthropologie / scarf: Anthropologie / shoes: Anthropologie

My little point and shoot isn't the best at jumping photos... doesn't matter how much I play around with the settings, it just doesn't seem to understand what I'm trying to do. Plus, it's about six years old and it eats through batteries (yep, it constantly tells me that the brand new batteries I just put in need to be switched out). But I'm not on the market for a new digital camera... I'm actually on the market for a new phone! And this is what I wore to go look at all the new phones AT&T has. I've had my current phone for just about three years now (that's like, a decade in cell phone years...) and I'm ready for a change. I want one with a decent really sweet camera so that I can take even better photos for the blog! I'm thinking about I'm pretty much decided on the LG G3, whenever it comes out. Anyone have an LG G2? Can you tell me about it? Everyone I know has an iPhone!

On an outfit-related note, this is my favorite spring/summer shirt that I've bought this year. It doesn't look like much, but it's slightly tailored around the shoulders and has a zipper going up the back of it... and I find myself reaching for it all the freakin' time. And it looks really great with scarves, which is awesome because I've been wearing a lot more scarves than necklaces these past few months. By the way, this is how most of the photos I take of myself usually turn out... so, ya know.


  1. I like the second picture, it's kind of haunting! I don't have an LG G2 but I have had a few LG phones in the past and they've all held up really well, so that is probably a good choice! Right now I have a galaxy, I never jumped on the iphone bandwagon either.

  2. I have a bunch more photos similar to the second one... they're all quite haunting!
    Thank you for the feedback! I think I had an LG phone way back in the days before smart phones, but that doesn't say much about phones these days! I have an iPhone 4s right now, but aside from its ability to connect easily with my Mac, I'm really not attached to the idea of switching it out for a newer model.


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