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Farmer's Market 2014, Trip #6

The farmer's market I usually frequent is held outdoors for a few hours one day a week, and I usually go after work when my choices for the most part consist of 'leftovers'... basically, what people who were able to go to the market earlier than me decided not to take home with them. This isn't usually a problem because the farms are always teeming with vegetables of all kinds whatever hour of the day it happens to be, so I'm not usually missing out by going later in the day. But I hadn't been able to find strawberries for weeks! This week I decided to go instead in the morning to the indoor farmer's market adjacent to where I work, and I was able to bring home a few things I haven't seen at the other market. This also worked out nicely because by the time my work day was over, I was so exhausted that I drove straight home and fell asleep for three hours. But at least I had my fruits and veggies!

This week's purchases: blueberries, corn, yellow peaches, small carrots, orange and yellow peppers, and strawberries.

Blueberries galore!


  1. Mmm I love fresh strawberries! It's crazy how fast things get picked over sometimes! I usually go in the mornings but usually still end up missing out on a few things.

  2. I know! All the good stuff goes far too quickly!


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