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Farmer's Market 2014, Trip #3

Every week I like to buy something a little special. Week #1 I got strawberries, which were OMGDELICIOUS and I haven't seen any since. Week #2 I bought a bouquet of pretty flowers that are still going strong one week later. And this week I bought a small (by pie standards, not by number of people eating said pie standards, because it's plenty large enough for the two of us) mixed berry pie. Shawn loves pie and though I know I can make a perfectly yummy pie, it's just not something I enjoy doing... so I don't. Instead, I seek out other people's perfectly yummy pies and buy those for him instead. This way, I can stick to making cookies, which I enjoy best, and Shawn still gets his occasional pie. Good thing he loves cookies... otherwise I don't think he'd keep me around ;)

This week I bought: a ton of red potatoes, a zucchini, a huge onion, lots of tomatoes, a head of lettuce, a small mixed berry pie, and some blueberries.

Behind the scenes shot!


  1. Mmm, I love pies! I don't mind making them, but the crust part can be pretty time consuming.

  2. Yeah the crust needs to be planned out in advance, and then it's a lot of effort to put everything together for, frankly, an outcome that I'm never wowed by. Maybe I'm doing it wrong! But I'm a cookie girl at heart.


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