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We're moving! Again.

Thankfully, we're not going very far this time - just a mere half mile up the road from our current apartment. We love the town we live in far too much to venture elsewhere! When we moved in here initially we both said we weren't going to go through that process again for at least another two or three years... and yet here we are again. One reason being that I think we're going to feel much more at home in our new apartment. The new place has a second bedroom (our first 2-bedroom apartment!), much more natural light, and a much more open floor plan. The positives totally outweigh the negatives... we're losing a parking lot (street parking now!) and also going from having a washer/dryer in the unit to having to share with the rest of the tenants in the building, but laundry was the least of our worries.

One of the major positives for us is that we're moving away from our neighbors. The obnoxious ones that live in the two-bedroom apartment to our left, to be specific. Have I not mentioned them here before? That's because I wanted to spare you the details. Let's just say that there's a family of eight living there, four of those being children under the age of ten. And that clause in the lease we all sign before moving in? You know, the one about being quiet after certain hours and not playing or blocking the common areas... the one about being a considerate human being? Yeah, that one. Well, they must not have read that part because they've been violating it for months. In the year since we've lived here we have not heard anyone else in the building (and there are at least 20 units), but for whatever reason they manage to make themselves heard every single day. I'm honestly surprised that no one else has complained. We made sure our leasing agent understood the severity of the situation, and she assured us that the building we're moving to is quiet, filled with other young couples like us, and very much lacking in loud children. That's really all we needed to hear!

I know the next question you're going to ask. How's Lloyd handling the moving process? Incredibly well! Though he should be used to change by now. He hasn't been particularly anxious, instead he's been even more cuddly than usual. I think he's worried we're going to leave him behind, like his first family did! I tell him at least three times a day that we would never ever ever leave him, and that of course he's coming with us, and that he's going to have an extra room to run around in, and he's going to love it because it's going to be the three of us, and that nothing is changing other than our surroundings. I think he just wants to make sure we remember to pack him too.

I don't know if I'll be able to do my usual weekend updates, since we're moving in this weekend. I'm so excited to show you photos of our new place once it's all unpacked and set up, so I'd rather focus on unpacking! So have an awesome weekend! Cross your fingers for us that it won't be sweltering hot on Saturday and Sunday...


  1. Good luck with moving! A fresh start is always nice. Lloyd is such a cutie! :)

  2. Thanks!! We're looking forward to a fresh space, and a new perspective. Now, to get the actual physical act of moving over with... that's another story ;)

  3. Good luck with the move! :D I bet Lloyd is enjoying all the boxes to play in!

  4. Thanks! And yes, he has tested every single box to make sure it's adequate for packing ;)


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