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Week in Photos: Week 26

Tired Hands is always a good way to start off the week.

I love wrapping & giving gifts!

Homemade focaccia bread is the tastiest.

Didn't manage to photograph this in an appetizing manner, but I was proud of myself for making a meal consisting entirely of farmer's market meat and veggies! Pepper and onion sausage, French potato salad, and lemon asparagus.

Hungry cat swirls around my ankles all morning.

Kitty feet!

We took our first long walk around our new neighborhood. This row of homes reminded me of Europe... I don't know why.

I spent Saturday afternoon in center city helping a friend out with her pop-up coffee shop: The Monkey and The Elephant. She was invited to make coffees for the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival and called upon her barista friends to volunteer their time for a few shifts. I was happy to help out, even if it had been two years since my last barista gig... but it's like riding a bike - you don't really forget how to pull shots. Her little Breville machine was so fun to use, though I didn't get much practice because most people passing through just wanted iced tea or coffee.

The history of the Plays and Players theater (where we were set up) was interesting to read about. There were swastika tiles all over the inside walls, because it was built before the Nazis transformed the symbol to have negative connotations.

I donated a bunch of chocolate chip cookies and coconut shortbread to The Monkey and The Elephant to sell at the event. Good thing, too, because there was no other food or drinks! I even got some business cards printed for the occasion, in hopes that anyone who really enjoyed the cookies will contact me for more at some point.

After helping out and catching a (very strange) film, I headed over to Graffiti Bar for happy hour and had some amazing (and cheap!) food and an awesome cocktail. The bar is hard to find because it's down at the end of a very narrow alley; just look for the neon sign that points you in the right direction!

I came home to Shawn sleeping off a migraine, with Sylvester keeping him warm.

Hope you had an awesome weekend! Summertime is the best.
I know everyone in the states is looking forward to a short week :)


  1. Your town looks so cute! And oh yes, I am definitely looking forward to the short workweek!


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