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Week in Photos: Week 25

Today was really great! I woke up and went to a yoga class (I joined a gym last week! Never thought I'd do that, but I don't have the motivation to work out on my own, so I figured I may as well take some classes nearby - so far they've been great!), then I walked around a little local vintage/handmade fair that was going on near our house, stopped at the local brewery to fill our growler and taste one of their new creations, went for a three mile walk through a beautiful neighborhood to get groceries and a few other supplies (I was angry with myself for forgetting my phone at the apartment... at one point I was standing four feet away from a beautiful hawk!), and when I got home I made some focaccia bread from scratch! I hope all summer weekends will be like this one.

For those of you who have been curious about how they're getting along... well, you can see for yourself!

I spotted a bunny digging a hole on my way home from the brewery.

Petit fours with a different look; I was getting bored with the flowers I usually do.

My handwriting is a little shaky because I don't get to do it often!

My sister's boyfriend found an extra-wide wheelchair... those things are really hard to move around in!

My brother and I got to Facetime with my grandmother and my parents. She's always amazed with how it works.

Jasper takes up most of the room on 'his' couch.

The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend!

We couldn't find Lloyd... until we looked under the keyboards.

I made some cookie platters for family and friends! I love making cookies!

Our town has a little market/fair every few weeks just a block up the road from our new place.
I picked up a few things for myself, and some fun stuff for penpals!

The most delicious iced decaf almond milk mocha I have ever had.

These guys make me smile.

They've been interacting so well together!

Finally! A good photo of Sylvester.

Sleepy Sylvester. (I like when he's sleepy, because it means he's quiet!)

A storm's a brewin'.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!