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Week in Photos: Week 24

Well... seeing as I posted last week's photos on Wednesday, and we're still in the process of moving in (mainly getting the place decorated) so we haven't been doing much to note... there aren't many interesting photos to share today. So, I'm going to do what I always do when this happens and post mostly a bunch of photos of Lloyd instead. I haven't had any complaints about that yet, and I don't expect any!

I didn't have the heart to push him off, so I grabbed myself another chair.

So many box photos with this guy...

Lloyd on a shelf.

I have been making infused water lately... so yummy!

The scone of the month is strawberry rhubarb - such pretty colors!

He's a cat of many boxes...

Looks like he's taking a break from the boxes. (Though he thought this was a scratching post... no, Lloyd!)

I was cleaning up my desktop and found The Folder - my pre-pinterest folder hoard.

That's the spot right there.

No, seriously.

The best chocolate cookies ever. With s'mores ingredients added in.

Stripe on stripe action.

I hope your weekend was awesome!


  1. Lloyd is one of the cutest cats ever!! And that Ikea chair in the first photo.. I have that in red! Haha.

  2. :) Those chairs didn't come in red when we got them way back when! I totally would have gotten red instead!


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