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Fun Finds Friday #64

I haven't been keeping up with the Fun Finds Friday posts since the move! In fact, I've had a hard time keeping up with the blog in general since the move, but I'll find my groove again soon. I always forget how long it takes to settle into a new place. We're getting there!

I love Isabelle Arsenault's quirky illustrations!

The inside of Caroline Joy's Texas home is too cute! I love the mix of modern and vintage.

SAYSCULPTURES makes the coolest cat furniture!

I always love a good pun, and Stages of Decay manages that along with some cool photos.

+ Alter your perspective and take a look at some famous photos from a different angle.
+ Anyone still trying to figure out what they're doing with their life should read this. (Aren't we all?)
+ These 60 rare photos take a look back through history.
+ Anthony Bourdain would know how to travel.

Happy Friday!!