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First Farmer's Market Trip of 2014

On my first trip to the farmer's market this year I brought home: radishes, lettuce, potatoes, asparagus, blueberries... and the most beautiful strawberries I have ever seen. I missed out on the tomatoes because they're the first to get snatched up and the market is only open on Wednesdays from 3pm-7pm, and I can't get there until 5:30pm... oh well, there's always next time! There was a man selling beautiful bouquets of flowers too, but I ran out of cash buying this bounty! Strawberries trumped flowers this week, but who knows what next week will bring?


  1. Ooh those strawberries do look amazing! I don't think I've ever tried radishes before, but I think I planted some in my garden so I'm interested to see what they're like.


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