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Week in Photos: Week 26

Tired Hands is always a good way to start off the week.

I love wrapping & giving gifts!

Homemade focaccia bread is the tastiest.

Didn't manage to photograph this in an appetizing manner, but I was proud of myself for making a meal consisting entirely of farmer's market meat and veggies! Pepper and onion sausage, French potato salad, and lemon asparagus.

Hungry cat swirls around my ankles all morning.

Kitty feet!

We took our first long walk around our new neighborhood. This row of homes reminded me of Europe... I don't know why.

I spent Saturday afternoon in center city helping a friend out with her pop-up coffee shop: The Monkey and The Elephant. She was invited to make coffees for the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival and called upon her barista friends to volunteer their time for a few shifts. I was happy to help out, even if it had been two years since my last barista gig... but it's like riding a bike - you don't really forget how to pull shots. Her li…

Fun Finds Friday #64

I haven't been keeping up with the Fun Finds Friday posts since the move! In fact, I've had a hard time keeping up with the blog in general since the move, but I'll find my groove again soon. I always forget how long it takes to settle into a new place. We're getting there!

I love Isabelle Arsenault's quirky illustrations!

The inside of Caroline Joy's Texas home is too cute! I love the mix of modern and vintage.

SAYSCULPTURES makes the coolest cat furniture!

I always love a good pun, and Stages of Decay manages that along with some cool photos.

+ Alter your perspective and take a look at some famous photos from a different angle.
+ Anyone still trying to figure out what they're doing with their life should read this. (Aren't we all?)
+ These 60 rare photos take a look back through history.
+ Anthony Bourdain would know how to travel.

Happy Friday!!

First Farmer's Market Trip of 2014

On my first trip to the farmer's market this year I brought home: radishes, lettuce, potatoes, asparagus, blueberries... and the most beautiful strawberries I have ever seen. I missed out on the tomatoes because they're the first to get snatched up and the market is only open on Wednesdays from 3pm-7pm, and I can't get there until 5:30pm... oh well, there's always next time! There was a man selling beautiful bouquets of flowers too, but I ran out of cash buying this bounty! Strawberries trumped flowers this week, but who knows what next week will bring?

Week in Photos: Week 25

Today was really great! I woke up and went to a yoga class (I joined a gym last week! Never thought I'd do that, but I don't have the motivation to work out on my own, so I figured I may as well take some classes nearby - so far they've been great!), then I walked around a little local vintage/handmade fair that was going on near our house, stopped at the local brewery to fill our growler and taste one of their new creations, went for a three mile walk through a beautiful neighborhood to get groceries and a few other supplies (I was angry with myself for forgetting my phone at the apartment... at one point I was standing four feet away from a beautiful hawk!), and when I got home I made some focaccia bread from scratch! I hope all summer weekends will be like this one.

For those of you who have been curious about how they're getting along... well, you can see for yourself!

I spotted a bunny digging a hole on my way home from the brewery.

Petit fours with a different l…

We saved another one!

We are now a family of four! On Monday we welcomed a new cat into our home - his name is Sylvester and he's about Lloyd's age, perhaps a little younger. I saw him during a trip to our local pet store and I just had a feeling he'd be the perfect companion for Lloyd. I've been trying to convince Shawn to adopt another cat for a few months now, and he was sold on the idea after one visit to Sylvester at the store. So here's our newest family member!

This was the description on his cage at the pet store:
I am a very adorable and loving cat. I love affection, being held and pet. I'm good with other cats; haven't been in the company of dogs yet. My foster mom rescued me from the outdoors where I was searching for food because I am super friendly and she said she would find me a good family and home to live in forever more! Beware: I am a talker :)

Yeah, they weren't kidding about the talking... I've never met such a chatty cat!

(photo from the P.A.L.S. face…

Week in Photos: Week 24

Well... seeing as I posted last week's photos on Wednesday, and we're still in the process of moving in (mainly getting the place decorated) so we haven't been doing much to note... there aren't many interesting photos to share today. So, I'm going to do what I always do when this happens and post mostly a bunch of photos of Lloyd instead. I haven't had any complaints about that yet, and I don't expect any!

I didn't have the heart to push him off, so I grabbed myself another chair.

So many box photos with this guy...

Lloyd on a shelf.

I have been making infused water lately... so yummy!

The scone of the month is strawberry rhubarb - such pretty colors!

He's a cat of many boxes...

Looks like he's taking a break from the boxes. (Though he thought this was a scratching post... no, Lloyd!)

I was cleaning up my desktop and found The Folder - my pre-pinterest folder hoard.

That's the spot right there.

No, seriously.

The best chocolate cookies ever…