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Zebra Casual

shorts & top: Anthropologie / shoes: from a fair-trade shop in Savannah, GA

Sometimes I'm too lazy to set up the tripod and sometimes outfits are too simple to warrant the effort. In the process of (for lack of a better word) revamping my wardrobe, I've come to realize that simple can be a good thing when it comes to clothes. I finally have a closet full of items that I'm happy to wear, that fit well, and that can (for the most part) all be paired together. This shirt was a very nice addition, and is a different interpretation of the stripes I usually seem to gravitate towards. And these denim shorts are the best summer basic, in my opinion, although Shawn begs to differ. (He says they're for 12-year old girls...) When I was growing up I wore a lot of jeans and t-shirts and over the past few years I've tried to grow out of it and develop a (again, for lack of a better word) fancier style. But sometimes jeans and a simple top are all you need. The addition of fun shoes helps too!


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