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Week in Photos: Week 21

I pass this totem pole every day on my way to work. It's such a beauty!

This is Lloyd's idea of helping me organize my recipes...

Beware of the lemon monsters... they have a soft spot for strawberries.

I made mini keylime tarts at work this week... soooo good!

And meringues, too! I can't wait to make some mint chocolate chip ones!

His favorite spot, now that it's warm enough for us to keep the windows open all the time.

I went to a different Trader Joe's this week... it was SO nice. Much less crowded, so much more selection.

The makings of chicken cordon bleu.

Well, it tasted a heck of a lot better than it looked, trust me. Attractive plating is not my forte.

Red, white, and blue for Memorial Day.

And repeat.

That is one delicious looking stack of mint chocolate shortbread cookies, if I do say so myself.

The rainbow after the epic thunderstorm!

...did you see the double rainbow the first time? I didn't.

Over here we call those cat cubbies. Anyone need a cat sitter?

These cupcakes remind me of pink lemonade. Or soft serve ice cream.

Lloyd likes to let it all hang out.

I love this.

If it fits, Lloyd sits.

Giant Easter bunny, courtesy of my parents. Seriously huge, seriously delicious. (Thanks, Mom & Dad!)

Lloyd is taking a cue from the rest of us and spending this weekend relaxing. Oh wait, he does that all the time.

Have a great weekend!!

I have two more days off... plenty of time to work up a new blog layout, do some crafty things, clean the apartment, and relax. Oh, and watch more episodes of Revenge.... I'm addicted!


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