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Week in photos: Week 19

Whew! What a busy week at work! Between Mother's Day prep and various weekend catering orders, I haven't really had time for much else! As a result, this week in photos is mostly photos of what I've been making at work lately. Don't read this on an empty stomach. Enjoy!

Whoopie pie innards.

Assembled and delicious.

Cranberry orange cookies, with an orange drizzle.

More of these damn petit fours... different flowers this time.

Our scone of the month - coconut lime! Finished with a lime macaroon center.

Someone ordered a coconut cake. It's filled with lemon curd!

Chocolate covered pretzels with macadamia nuts.

Yesterday was my one day off so we went into center city and met up with some friends.
(Photo snapped by the Franklin Flea crew!)

Afore-mentioned friends, who gladly put up with us despite our tired selves.

We had a late lunch at Smokin' Betty's. Delicious! The cocktail too. (Grapefruit & gin - doesn't get any better!)

The Betty burger. Look it up.

Tree art at the train station. (I love living 20 minutes away from center city!)

Lloyd is going back to his roots... he's been sleeping on the newspaper.


"Why do you insist on taking so many photos of me?!"

A new globe, purchased at Franklin Flea! It's an old one.

I started this post with food and I'm going to end it with food. These were the Mother's Day pastries at work. Chocolate mousse cups, mini fruit tarts, chocolate covered pretzels, and blueberry lemon bars.

They also got chocolate hazelnut scones (with a side of clotted cream, lemon curd, and raspberry jam).

Roast beef sandwiches with fig jam and arugula, mushroom and swiss frittata, herbed cheese rolled asparagus, and caprese skewers.

We didn't forget about the kids! They got turkey and cranberry butter sandwiches along with nutella and pb sandwiches.

I hope you had an awesome weekend! I'm looking forward to the next one :)


  1. All the things you make at work look so perfect! I'm so jealous of your ability to make pretty and delicious foods

  2. The food pictures are killin me! Those cookies & scones my oh my. I like the new globe too!

  3. Thank you! They haven't always been pretty... it's tough to find the balance between tasty and attractive sometimes!

  4. Hey, I warned you not to look on an empty stomach! I should bring you a scone next time I see you ;)

  5. I like how it first started off as "oo look petit fours!" and now it's "more damn petit fours" haha. I love that globe, I've been searching for a similar one. English flea markets tend to be super overpriced though!

  6. Haha yeah I feel like I make those petit fours every week because there's always an order for two dozen or more of them. They're time consuming to make, and in my opinion, not worth the effort. (They're SUPER sweet; pretty but not tasty!)

    It's difficult to find vintage globes now; they're all over etsy but they're ridiculously expensive. I stumbled upon this one right as we were about to leave; there's a hole in it from someone's finger so the woman let me name my price!

  7. haha someones clumsiness was your gain then! Yeah, I've found that they are sooo expensive.


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