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Week in Photos: Week 18

I was going to make this week in photos: road trip edition, but after sorting through all my photos, I realized that would leave me with far too many photos to share in one post. So, I'm going to save the majority of the photos from last weekend's road trip for one or two separate posts, and only share a few today... along with my usual work and Lloyd photos, of course! Keep an eye out for road trip photos later this week!

Snapped a picture of my two boys before I left them for four days! Shawn sent me photos of Lloyd all weekend :)

Lloyd loves getting brushed; he gets so excited when we pull the brush out.

Eyes on the road, not the burrito.

Sooooo many signs for South of the Border on our way down!

Savannah is such a beautiful little city! Southern hospitality to the max.

A pirate and a swordfish taking a ride...

I met a Florida cat! I make kitty friends everywhere I go.

Brunch by the marina - eggs benedict are the best!

Miami! We made it!

My friend's dog was apparently not amused.

Back at work, making more chocolate covered strawberries. I made some extra for myself this time too!

More petit fours. I like the colors of this batch though.

New life!

Lloyd will sleep on anything that you put on the ground. Including trash bags.

I love getting mail!!!

He looks nice most of the time, but he can be fierce!

He's the cutest!!

I think this is our first official family photo :)

Hope you had an awesome weekend!


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