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Road Trip, Part 2: Miami

(If you missed part one of the Miami road trip photos, it's right over here.)

Sam's mom lives within walking distance of a historic bar. You wouldn't even know there's a bar there unless you look really really hard. The history is all over the walls and it's still owned and run by the same family that opened it, so we got to hear the whole story from the bartender. I made a feline friend outside, too.

We had breakfast by the marina (pineapple juice and eggs benedict!) and then ventured into downtown Miami. Apparently, i-95 ends and turns into Rt 1! Crazy. I don't really think about roads ending (other than dead ends).

Sam showed me a cluster of artists' studios where they work and display their art (here's a peek) and you can come in and chat with them if they're around. I loved the mosaic entryway! There were some pretty neat artists in there, but most of them were on lunch break, so we just peeked into all the studios.

And that concludes the road trip photos! It was amazing, although I miss my friend dearly now that she's so far away (!) but I can't wait to go down there again - hopefully with Shawn next time, if I can convince him to fly ;)