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Road Trip, Part 1: Savannah

If you've been following this blog for longer than a week, you'll recall that I recently went on a girly road trip with my friend Sam. She made a (semi) last-minute decision to move back to her hometown of Miami and asked me if I'd like to accompany her for the ride. Not wanting to miss out on what may very well be the only girly road trip opportunity that will ever arise in my life, I made arrangements at work and told her very excitingly that I'd be able to come along for the ride!

We had about two weeks to plan the trip, and three days to actually do it. We left Philadelphia at 10am on a Saturday morning and were in Miami by 6pm on Sunday. That left us with all of Monday for her to show me around and then I flew back home early Tuesday morning. We drove about 12 hours on Saturday to make it to Savannah, Georgia (with a few quick stops in between), and then left Savannah around 11am on Sunday to drive the rest of the way. Here's a taste of the first half of our trip. (A few of these photos were taken by Sam, too!)

We saw a few interesting things while on the road. Shawn had also told us to keep an eye out for signs for South of the Border, so of course we had to make a quick stop there too.

Sunday morning we had two or so hours to kill before wanting to get back on the road, so we decided to explore the city of Savannah. Unfortunately for us, most shops in Savannah (or Slow-vannah as a local lovingly called it) don't open until noon on Sundays. So we wandered around along the water and then stopped into a few places that were open. We did manage to buy some jewelry from a fair trade shop and some spices and tea from a neat little spice shop. It's also worth noting that we stepped out of 55 degree weather and into 89 degree weather...

We even made a canine friend and I found places for Shawn and I to work if we ever move down there.... believe me, it's very tempting. That southern hospitality is such a change from the tri-state attitude I've grown up with and am accustomed to. What a beautiful change of pace. I had actually visited Savannah College of Art and Design when I was in high school, but I found it too old and slow at the time... hm, apparently my attitude has changed since then.

I wish we could have spent a little more time exploring Savannah, but we were trying to get down to Miami at a decent hour. More motivation to pay the little city another visit though! I'd love to bring Shawn next time and explore some of the old cemeteries, look at all the old houses, and stop into all the local shops that were closed on Sunday. Savannah, we'll be back one day, you can count on that!