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Fun Finds Friday #60

So.... last week's Fun Finds Friday post was never made because after all the pastry-making, I simply ran out of time and energy to work up a post. But it's back this week! And early!

Lots of neat things on this graphic designer's tumblr, but I love this computer error series.

I enjoy photographer Mark Nixon's Much Loved series about stuffed animals and the people they belong to.

Someone designed a table with a built-in cat tunnel!

Photographer Ryan Schude does a fun series about people with their cars.

+ Brown butter fried nutella and banana croissant sandwich? YES PLEASE.
+ Have you ever wondered what Forrest Gump would look like as a Wes Anderson movie?
+ How about these 40 incredibly true facts about everyday life?
+ This article about whether or not to wear bike helmets really got my brain thinking. Do you wear one?

Happy Friday!!!


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