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Cloudy Saturday

scarf: Anthropologie / shirt: Gap / skirt: thrifted / shoes: from a fair trade shop in Savannah

I felt a little like I was emanating Katherine from Of Corgis and Cocktails in this outfit, because her staples seem to be flared skirts with flats and a tucked-in top; I just swapped the necklace for a scarf because scarves are my jam lately. (Shit, did I just use the phrase "my jam" in a sentence? Who am I?) In the process of growing out my hair (it's taking foooorrreverrrr...) I seem to have caught up to her as well, although I was definitely aiming for more of that flair that Coline of Et Pourquoi Pas Coline's hair emotes.

Saturday wasn't all cloudy, it was actually pretty sunny and windy all day but then of course the sun hid when I decided to take these photos. But I actually really like the way they turned out! The grainy greyness seems to fit, and the outfit was all grey and black anyway, with the exception of my shoes, which were red, of course. Please, you don't think I'd go out without some sort of bright color or pattern on, do you? Clearly you don't know me at all.


  1. These photos did turn out pretty neat! I like how skirts look with a shirt tucked in, I tend to wear them the other way around but occasionally I'll wear them this way and always love how it looks.

  2. It's taken me a while to get used to the tucked in look. I hate wearing belts so that's never been much of an option for me; I think it's just about finding the right skirt and pairing the rest of the accessories accordingly!


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