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Week in photos: Week 16

I'm a day late in posting this but can you blame me? We traveled to New Jersey yesterday to visit family, so I decided not to stress about getting photos up and enjoyed the afternoon of driving, eating, visiting, and more driving. Going to New Jersey is exhausting!

Got my second graze box! Still delicious.
(use the friendcode MARINE37P to get your first box for free!)

Window gazing.

Confetti scones! Kids love these.

I made thumbprints at work; they spread more than I expected but they tasted delicious.

Tops for pot pies!

They added barrel 'tables' at our local brew pub.


Prepping strawberries for...

Chocolate covered strawberries! Why didn't I make an extra one for myself?!

Just hanging out.

What's going on outside, Lloyd?

We did some re-organizing this weekend. Lloyd has to get into everything.

So we gave him his own cubby!

What is this? Cookie dough topped with Oreos...?

...topped with brownies? I must be crazy.

Our Easter consisted of making a stop at 25 Burgers. We miss that place.

My sister's dog greeted us at the house. I don't think he's a fan of me though.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
I've got a super fun trip planned for this coming weekend! I'm so excited :)


  1. Karen 22, 2014 at 4:10 AM

    Lloyd is such a chubby beauty! In the picture of him in his cubby, he looks like he's wearing arm bands!

  2. I used your friend code the last time you shared it. Just got my first Graze box and love it!

  3. Yay! I've been telling everyone (who's willing to listen) about them! I've been so happy with the snacks so far :)

  4. Hahaha it does! Everyone says he's chubby but he's really just fluffy! I mean, he has definitely put on some weight since his stray-cat days, but I think his fur is just looking better these days too. You'd be amazed at how much fur he has. It gets EVERYWHERE.


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