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Week in photos: Week 17

This week's post is a little short on photos but that's because my friend Sam and I are currently on our way to Miami (yes, I'm actually posting this from the car!!) so these photos only span from Monday to Friday. I figured I'd save the road trip photos for another post. So enjoy some photos of work and of Lloyd, of course!

I made so many scones at work on Friday! This is less than a week's worth though, to give you an idea of how many I make on a regular basis...

Beautiful beets!

Mmmm... chocolate pecan tarts. 

More petit fours- our one customer LOVES these and orders a ton. 

Practicing my cake writing. Good thing I didn't write it this way on the cake. 

Here is said cake. I'm getting better at this frosting game. 

"Pay attention to me, momma!"

"No, really, love me."

How can I not love that face?

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!


  1. Mmmm I love beets! Hope you have an amazing trip!

  2. beets beets beets... beets beets beets... ba ba beets beets. yum


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