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Stripes are never boring

With my new job now I rarely get a chance to get "dressed up" throughout the week, considering I go to work in chef pants and loose t-shirts and that's what I wear for 8+ hours of the day. By the time I get home all I want to do is change into pajama pants and a different t-shirt. So my weekends are for getting dressed! This is what I wore on Sunday, to go to Target and IKEA. Yeah, I know, my life is super exciting. My outfits are not. Shorts weather!

top and shorts: Anthropologie / shoes: Birkenstock

I thought it'd be nice to show you all what I'm really like. There's a French blogger named Coline whom I follow and part of the reason I love her blog, aside from her impeccable style, is that she's super silly and she shows it! So here are some 'outtakes' of me being... well, myself.

Lloyd gets a taste of my ridiculousness on the regular...

Now that we've rearranged the living room I have a blank wall to stand in front of! I have to move things around first, but it's a blank wall nonetheless. Is that too boring? I don't care! Now you can focus on me! Bahahaha! You can see peeks of the apartment on Sundays.

And here are two old-school ridiculous gems for you, just because.

I'm not sorry that you won't be able to get that last one out of your head.


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