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Fun Finds Friday #56

It's Friday! After helping friends move last Saturday, sleeping through most of Sunday because I didn't realize I was already getting too old to spend a whole day lifting things, followed by a work-heavy week making pastries and scones for a ton of catering orders and parties happening this weekend, I am so happy to not have any plans for the next two days. It means I get to relax and enjoy this warm and beautiful weather we're supposed to be getting. Yippee! Here are some fun finds to get you through the weekend.

I really want to visit some of these abandoned malls.

9 things you won't see displayed at The Museum of Natural History, sadly. The rare books room!!

I love these original watercolor drawings (and the brief biography) for Le Petit Prince. It's my favorite childhood story.
(If someone were to get me this I would be oh-so-happy!)

+ Because work is sometimes work, but caramel always helps.
+ Ladies, do you wear makeup? I wear BB cream and mascara occasionally, but that's it!
+ Pinterest really has changed the way people look at how to live, and not necessarily in a good way.
+ Now here's a practical article on starting a self-sustaining homestead.

Happy Friday!!!