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Froyo, hey oh!

My family introduced me to frozen yogurt a few years ago at a Pinkberry in New York City. That must have been right before the whole frozen yogurt 'fad' really exploded. Since then I've been to a slew of different ones but I have a soft spot in my heart for Red Mango - they have the best topping options and I'm always blown away by how inexpensive it ends up being, even after loading up with a mountain of cookie and candy pieces. Unfortunately, there are no Red Mango locations nearby since we moved. Where we live now I have at least three different froyo places within walking distance but I always go to the closest one - Frutti Yummi. I haven't been wow-ed by it but I haven't been disappointed either. Sometimes convenience is really the biggest contributing factor...

I went 'healthier' than usual this time and got strawberry and traditional flavored froyo, then topped it with fresh strawberries, graham cracker crumbs, and cheesecake bites. I love those damn cheesecake bites... they get me every time. And since the feel of spring is in the air, some strawberries were in order. I have an Abita Strawberry beer waiting for me in the fridge... I've just been waiting for the perfect spring afternoon to crack it open. Looks like I'm going to get a few chances this week! When I see that beer on the shelves it's the first sign that spring is on its way!

And yes... I totally did have a photo shoot with my froyo. And Lloyd! Because he loves photo shoots.


  1. I wish we had a froyo place near me, and especially with cheesecake bites!


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