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Foxy Saturday

shirt: Anthropologie / skirt: Loft (thrifted) / shoes: Gap Outlet

Lloyd always manages to sneak his way into my photos; I think he's intrigued by the tripod. It always leads to me taking a bunch of photos of him from above- and by a bunch I mean that I forget to exit out of the timed/sequenced shots option and I end up getting 10 shots of Lloyd that all look exactly the same... oops.

Shawn gave me this shirt as a Christmas gift two years ago and I think I've only worn it two or three times since then. It's super cute (duh!) but the fabric is thin and I'm worried about it warping if I wash it... that seems to be a common concern with a lot of my Anthro shirts, actually. And I really hate hand washing things so excuse me while I admit to wearing my more delicate shirts a few times in a row before washing them. Hey, if it doesn't have stains or stink, well.... I'll wear it until it does. Convenience trumps laundry, every time.

I think I recently mentioned that we moved all the furniture in our living area around a little over a week ago. We've been slowly re-organizing the shelves and various knick-knacks that we have throughout, and on this particular day I got the bookcase looking all nice and (mostly) set up our 'bar area'. So of course I had to take some photos of it all! And I just so happened to look cute that day too. Just ignore the dishes in the background - they're clean, I swear! They're just drying. That dishwasher is totally just for show. (Ahem, we never use it.) Apparently convenience doesn't trump dishes here.


  1. so foxy! I love that top! And I hate that about shirts that are labeled to be hand washed, I just don't have the patience & ruin all my shirts :\

  2. ohmygosh your gnomes! so cute - and also yay for being twinsies. I love little peeks into people's homes like this.Plus I love that bunny made an appearance. And I totally wash my Anthro tees and tumble dry them. Never even considered not doing it! But I agree - Ido worry I will get holes in them from thewash.

  3. We have so many gnomes! Now if only we had a yard for them to settle into...


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