Saturday, April 26

Week in photos: Week 17

This week's post is a little short on photos but that's because my friend Sam and I are currently on our way to Miami (yes, I'm actually posting this from the car!!) so these photos only span from Monday to Friday. I figured I'd save the road trip photos for another post. So enjoy some photos of work and of Lloyd, of course!

I made so many scones at work on Friday! This is less than a week's worth though, to give you an idea of how many I make on a regular basis...

Beautiful beets!

Mmmm... chocolate pecan tarts. 

More petit fours- our one customer LOVES these and orders a ton. 

Practicing my cake writing. Good thing I didn't write it this way on the cake. 

Here is said cake. I'm getting better at this frosting game. 

"Pay attention to me, momma!"

"No, really, love me."

How can I not love that face?

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

Friday, April 25

Fun Finds Friday #58

A really cool little house with a respectable story behind it.

The aerial beauty of the suburbs.

I'm diggin' these awesome paper cutouts!

A photographer's idea of a day in the life of a stormtrooper.

+ And interesting look at Google street view glitches.
+ This video captivated me. Why isn't it melting?!
+ Have you ever considered that the English language isn't as easy to learn as you think?

Happy Friday!!

I'm driving down to Miami with my friend Sam this weekend! She's moving back down there :( so I'm helping her drive her stuff down and I'll be back on Tuesday - hooray for roadtrips!! Looking forward to a fun weekend.

Wednesday, April 23

Foxy Saturday

shirt: Anthropologie / skirt: Loft (thrifted) / shoes: Gap Outlet

Lloyd always manages to sneak his way into my photos; I think he's intrigued by the tripod. It always leads to me taking a bunch of photos of him from above- and by a bunch I mean that I forget to exit out of the timed/sequenced shots option and I end up getting 10 shots of Lloyd that all look exactly the same... oops.

Shawn gave me this shirt as a Christmas gift two years ago and I think I've only worn it two or three times since then. It's super cute (duh!) but the fabric is thin and I'm worried about it warping if I wash it... that seems to be a common concern with a lot of my Anthro shirts, actually. And I really hate hand washing things so excuse me while I admit to wearing my more delicate shirts a few times in a row before washing them. Hey, if it doesn't have stains or stink, well.... I'll wear it until it does. Convenience trumps laundry, every time.

I think I recently mentioned that we moved all the furniture in our living area around a little over a week ago. We've been slowly re-organizing the shelves and various knick-knacks that we have throughout, and on this particular day I got the bookcase looking all nice and (mostly) set up our 'bar area'. So of course I had to take some photos of it all! And I just so happened to look cute that day too. Just ignore the dishes in the background - they're clean, I swear! They're just drying. That dishwasher is totally just for show. (Ahem, we never use it.) Apparently convenience doesn't trump dishes here.

Monday, April 21

Week in photos: Week 16

I'm a day late in posting this but can you blame me? We traveled to New Jersey yesterday to visit family, so I decided not to stress about getting photos up and enjoyed the afternoon of driving, eating, visiting, and more driving. Going to New Jersey is exhausting!

Got my second graze box! Still delicious.
(use the friendcode MARINE37P to get your first box for free!)

Window gazing.

Confetti scones! Kids love these.

I made thumbprints at work; they spread more than I expected but they tasted delicious.

Tops for pot pies!

They added barrel 'tables' at our local brew pub.


Prepping strawberries for...

Chocolate covered strawberries! Why didn't I make an extra one for myself?!

Just hanging out.

What's going on outside, Lloyd?

We did some re-organizing this weekend. Lloyd has to get into everything.

So we gave him his own cubby!

What is this? Cookie dough topped with Oreos...?

...topped with brownies? I must be crazy.

Our Easter consisted of making a stop at 25 Burgers. We miss that place.

My sister's dog greeted us at the house. I don't think he's a fan of me though.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
I've got a super fun trip planned for this coming weekend! I'm so excited :)

Friday, April 18

Fun Finds Friday #57

Foxy fox looks like Lloyd.

What Venice would look like if it was completely frozen.

Recreated movie scenes with cardboard and a baby.

Emoji-nation takes old art to new heights. (Here are the other parts)

+ People playing their cats as instruments.
+ I loved this A-Z of dance video; wish I could do even one of those moves.

Happy Friday!!!

Monday, April 14

Stripes are never boring

With my new job now I rarely get a chance to get "dressed up" throughout the week, considering I go to work in chef pants and loose t-shirts and that's what I wear for 8+ hours of the day. By the time I get home all I want to do is change into pajama pants and a different t-shirt. So my weekends are for getting dressed! This is what I wore on Sunday, to go to Target and IKEA. Yeah, I know, my life is super exciting. My outfits are not. Shorts weather!

top and shorts: Anthropologie / shoes: Birkenstock

I thought it'd be nice to show you all what I'm really like. There's a French blogger named Coline whom I follow and part of the reason I love her blog, aside from her impeccable style, is that she's super silly and she shows it! So here are some 'outtakes' of me being... well, myself.

Lloyd gets a taste of my ridiculousness on the regular...

Now that we've rearranged the living room I have a blank wall to stand in front of! I have to move things around first, but it's a blank wall nonetheless. Is that too boring? I don't care! Now you can focus on me! Bahahaha! You can see peeks of the apartment on Sundays.

And here are two old-school ridiculous gems for you, just because.

I'm not sorry that you won't be able to get that last one out of your head.

Sunday, April 13

Week in Photos: Week 15

Lloyd is the silliest cat I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

This is about the typical amount of scones I make twice a week at work now.

Froyo! I've been wanting more since then.

Prepping lemon peel for candy-ing. This takes me back to my first ever pastry job.

Candied lemon peel! To top a new dessert I'm making.

The flowers make me smile; they're so pretty! I hope the person who ordered these feels that way too.

That is approximately $50 worth of food... it fed us for over four meals, so it was totally worth it.

This is a peek at what was in the bag: pulled pork, a whole roasted chicken, half a rack of ribs, potato wedges, mac n' cheese, cole slaw, cornbread, and lots of awesome.

Lloyd has been all over me this week! So much love from a little guy.

Making granola, the breakfast of champions. Well, my breakfast pretty much every morning.

We moved all the furniture in the living room around this week. And by we, I mean Shawn did. Lloyd and I sat around and watched encouragingly. The new set-up is so refreshing! Photos soon?

I bought flowers to make the new space extra pretty and fresh.

He's always on my right side, no matter what the situation. My right arm is always going numb.

Someone ordered a 12" vanilla cake at work so I had to break out my cake skills this week. I had the chef do the top border... I never learned how to "finish" cakes properly. Now I get to learn!

Bonding with my little buddy after work. He just plopped right down next to me.

Lloyd takes a selfie!

We enjoyed it before 4/20/2014.

First Abita Strawberry of the season! Shawn's brother is making his strawberry beer again this year too... mmmm!

Yesterday I got a mani-pedi and a library card. The librarians seemed so excited to gain a new "member"!

I made chicken, pea, brussels sprouts, and mozzarella pizza for dinner the other night.

Today I went to IKEA just for food. I left with more than that, of course, but the meatballs are so freakin' good!

Meatball massacre!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! I've been enjoying being able to wear shorts again!
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