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Week in Photos: Week 9

I traded in my NJ plates for PA plates finally... :(
The only redeeming part of that day was having a nice dinner with my dad afterwards!

This is his "Why are you reading that thing instead of paying attention to me?" glare.

But it's ok, because he clearly still loves me.

Shawn brought home donuts because he can't resist. And in turn, I can't resist either.

Cloud-making in progress.

My friend Sam and I spotted THE CUTEST dog! What a happy face.

Speaking of happy faces, I showed this photo to someone yesterday and they said "Now that is one happy cat!"

I finally picked up the ingredients to make some more granola! No more store bought.
(And I should update that recipe.)

Hm... something in here does not belong.

A fairly typical morning scene for me.

Ignore the mess of cat toys and find the Lloyd.

Homemade brown sugar is the best, and so much cheaper than 'organic' brown sugar.

My friend Rory's comment to this photo was priceless: "Look at him, thinking he's people!"

This mixed berry crumble has been dessert for the week.

I was feeling a little pattern-mix-y and colorful the other day.

Here's looking at you!

I hope you had a wonderful week!


  1. I.LOVE.YOUR. CAT! This week was so great and that dog we saw together is the absolute best! Hope you're gathering some great photos this week!
    p.s. YUM! I want doughnuts… when will this winter end?!? Til then, SUGAR ALL DAY! #Nutella

  2. Love these latest Lloyd photos! He melts my heart. My daughter was just talking to me of her hopes of eloping, so I sent her the link to your beautiful marriage photos. :) They are so romantic and I love the winter setting.

  3. That's so sweet! Thank you! :) We love that we're inspiring others with our actions/photos. I know I looked at my fair share of elopements for inspiration too.


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