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Week in Photos: Week 13

We started the week off with a trip to Collingswood, NJ... eat some grilled cheese sandwiches (and ice cream) at The Pop Shop!

My two favorites.

New salt & pepper shakers! Which you've already seen here.

I made chocolate chip cookies and then sandwiched chocolate ganache between them.

Foil-baked salmon with asparagus and brown rice for dinner to celebrate my new job!

Just another trip to our local brewery.

I learned how to make sausage rolls at work! They look so darn delicious.

Speaking of work, I have to keep my hair covered now...
since I don't wear baseball caps I've been experimenting with head wraps!

I also made petit fours at work. They look really cute but they're incredibly sweet; too sweet for my tastes.
(By the way, more work photos will be posted this week!)

Rolling around on the floor with this cutie.

This is what bed-head looks like when you're in the midst of growing out your hair. Yes, it's snarky.

Went to J.Crew. Found a French-cliche shirt. It made me think of Erin from like/want/need.

The most content cat I ever did see. Hard to believe this guy was ever a stray!

I made s'mores cupcakes. Maybe I'll post the recipe this week. I've been on a s'mores kick....

Then I made sausage rolls and mashed potatoes for dinner - so much yum!

They're like miniature beef wellingtons!!


I hope you've had a splendid week!


  1. That French-cliche shirt and those sausage rolls look great!

  2. Please post a recipe for the sausage rolls!

  3. That shirt is AMAZING, pardonnez moi while I run right out and grab one too! And let me get this straight-- you made those s'mores cupcakes?? The frosting looks like toasted marshmallows! I bet they were to die for. xo

  4. Thanks! They tasted great too :)

  5. I knew you'd love that! And yes indeed, I did make those cupcakes. The frosting is a 'marshmallow' frosting... it's egg whites and sugar heated over a double boiler and then whisked to stiff peaks. Then I just set them under the broiler to 'toast' them. They are tasty, but the recipe still needs some tweaking before I'll be satisfied!


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