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Week In Photos: Week 12

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Lloyd's new favorite perch before.

Came home to some donuts from the local farmer's market, courtesy of Shawn :)

This is how we did St. Patrick's Day - mashed potatoes, italian sausage, and irish soda bread.
At least I got one part right.

Easter candy! I can't help myself this time of year.


I will never get over the cuteness.

Seriously, look at those paws!

This cat is livin' the life.

No, really.

Lloyd and Rory having a stare-down... I think Lloyd won.

I bought so many candles at Anthro before I lost my discount; this one is my favorite scent of all.

Favorite perch - what did I tell you?

Oh, just catching the beautiful hues in the sky post-sunrise on an early morning.

I spent Friday wandering downtown with my friend Sam, we checked out the new Tria Taproom; it was awesome, as expected. I love that company so much. (Photos courtesy of Sam!)

I start my new job tomorrow - I'm so excited! Guess I should get my recipes organized and get a good night of sleep. We'll see how that plan goes! Regardless, I am so ready to start. Bought some new pants since I got rid of my old ones; now I just need a few cheap t-shirts to wear and I'll be set. I traded all my 'scrubby' clothing in for Anthro clothing, so now I have nothing to wear in the kitchen! That's a really small problem to have though, and an easy one to fix as well.

Have an awesome week!


  1. Good luck starting your new job! And I do love it when kitty feet are all bundled for you in one spot <3

  2. so cute! and food surprises are the best surprises :)

  3. so cute! and food surprises are the best surprises :)

  4. Gahhh that Easter candy! Good luck with your new job! :)

  5. Thank you! And the candy never lasts very long.

  6. You're right- edible surprises are the best kinds of surprises!

  7. Thank you! Kitty feet are the cutest.


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