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Week in Photos: Week 10

Yesterday was a very long day and by the end of it I didn't have the energy to edit and post the photos for my latest week in photos post... here's this past week in photos, albeit a day late!

Spring is (kinda) in the air... can you feel it? (No tights!!)

I made Joy the Baker's greek pasta salad... and it was delicious.

And it fed us for days!!

He usually greets me when I come home, but this day I found him curled up, exhausted.
(Don't worry, he's not sick! He just tires himself out playing.)

Taco night! It had been a while. A long while.

He still loves that beaver, Kaylah!

Breadcrumb-topped baked macaroni and cheese... yum!

I splurged and got Chipotle for lunch this week. For the first time in a very long time.

Why sure, Lloyd, go ahead and lay there while I catch up on blogs.

Shake Shack! We ventured into the city on Friday and had our first taste. They serve beer!

Chicago hot dog for me, cheese burger for Shawn. Root beer on tap to wash it all down.

Philly graffiti. Moo.

Waiting to be let in to work early Sunday morning. Still so much snow!

Egg in a hole! Or whatever you want to call it. One of my favorites!

We should all take a cue from Lloyd and bask in some sunlight this week.

Enjoy your week!


  1. Lloyd is ridiculous! So cute. And all that food looks delicious, it's been a while since I had chipotle as well!

  2. It was good! It fed me for two meals. It's a quick drive from work, too, so lunch breaks are easy... but it's so crowded and the people in the parking lot are jerks.

  3. Aww Lloyd. Love that sleepy little guy! My little poodle has been quite happy to find some sunny patches to nap in now that our Canadian winter sun is rising. That burger and fries is making me hungry. ;)

  4. Lloyd has been loving the sunlight we've been seeing more of lately! Me too!


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