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Learning new moves at my new job...

At my new job I'm responsible for all the baked stuff that leaves the kitchen. That means a heck of a lot of scones, shortbread, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, assorted bars, miniature cakes, petit fours, truffles... pretty much whatever my heart desires, really. A lot of miniature things because we're a British tea house and apparently the British love mini things. (That's a lie... I don't really know what the British love, but who doesn't love miniature pastries?!) Best job ever.

Raspberry shortbread.

Petit fours.

And I've been learning how to make savory things as well! Now that is exciting.

Pork pies.

A lot of pork pies.

Sausage rolls.

... A lot of sausage rolls.

Cheese and onion pasties.

I wish I had taken a pre-baked photo... they looked like little stegasauruses!

Needless to say, my first week was great and I'm really excited to keep learning new things. I'm back to feeling accomplished and productive after working full days - I really felt as though I earned my weekend, and believe me, I was happy when it finally arrived. I slept ten hours straight on both Saturday and Sunday. It's going to take a few weeks to adjust to my new schedule, but the change in work environments is so worth it! The ladies I work with are sweet, funny, and talented, and I feel like I fit right in. Mmm. It's splendid to be back in my realm.


  1. Yum! that all looks so good. Glad to hear it's going well!


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