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Fun Finds Friday #53

Would you swap clothes with your grandparents? I don't think I could fit into my grandmother's clothes!

I love the colors and shapes in IKEA's newest collection!

Maps made out of food - pretty neat!

Gabrielle transformed her kitchen from drab, to fab. And she's a renter! This gives me ideas.

+ Kelsey always writes so eloquently and honestly.
+ An imaginary town becomes real, and then not.
+ Allison ponders the idea of what makes a person feel 'at home'.

Happy Friday!!


  1. Whoa! That cheese map is so cool! I guess it's meant to be art work but I think it would pretty cool to serve at a party. Love that kitchen too!

  2. That would be a really neat way to serve a cheese plate at a party! I certainly hope all the food they used for the purpose of the project got eaten!


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