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Fun Finds Friday #51

The classic If It Fits, I Sits.

Sleeveface made me smile. There are some really great ones on there.

Ah, to be a child. A super creative one, too!

My sister recently shared about these amazing wood carvings.

+ Holy heck I really need to make these DIY peanut butter chips!
+ I'm still a ways away but these tips about what you learn in your 40s are still relevant.

Happy Friday!!


  1. I just recently found that little girl in paper dresses, that's totally something I would have done but my mom isn't so crafty haha.

  2. I've tried those peanut butter chips but with almond butter and no powdered sugar but something else instead. Holy bagels they were awesome.

  3. I thought it was so neat! If you read it though the mom's not super crafty either; all you need is paper and tape. I don't even think I could make half of those even now though.

  4. Mmmm more reason to make them!


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