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Dress, Cardigan, Boots, Repeat

necklace: gift from Shawn / dress: Anthropologie / sweater: Anthropologie / tights: Macys / boots: Palladium

This combination has been my uniform for most of this winter... it's just so easy to throw on a dress, cardigan, and boots. Pull on a warm coat and toasty scarf over top and you're all set! Truth be told though, I'm getting pretty tired of wearing boots. I've snuck in a few days of wearing flats without socks on, but these days, you can only walk around in those for so long before your feet start to feel really cold. Plus, I have a bunch of skirts that have been hanging in my closet waiting to feel the warmth of spring... bring it on!


  1. You're so cute! I like this one, I too, am really looking forward to the spring so I can get into all the cute colors and get out of the winter gear! Love the girly go-to's! :)


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