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Week in Photos: Week 8

Since Lloyd seems to be quite a prominent feature in these week in photos post, you can possibly start considering these week of Lloyd photos posts. I promise, once spring finally decides to arrive on the east coast, things should get slightly more interesting around here. Not that Lloyd isn't interesting (quite the contrary!), but you know what I mean!

Let's play Find The Lloyd.

Big Bear is in da house. Look at that swagger!

Remnants of everything bagels and cream cheese.

Dexter was my life this week. And probably will be for the next few weeks.

Cats certainly do love boxes. This one's no different.

Cookie making after-math. Not too bad!

Wait! This is cookie making after-math! And more Dexter.

Oh, just another trip to our local brewpub. They know us there!

And they make strange but beautiful art on their windows.

I guess we're having Lloyd for lunch!

Hm. It would appear as though I need to clean my desktop and desk area.

I wonder, what do cats contemplate? Playing? Sleeping? Eating?

Friendly notes from friends at work. Lockers! It's like high school, without the drama.

I got a pedicure! And, you guessed it, more Dexter. Can't get enough!

A dreamily flying Lloyd seemed like a good way to end this.

I hope you had an amazing week!


  1. haha that last picture, I love it when our cats sleep like that. You're so lucky to have such a nice looking brew pub at your fingertips!

  2. Oh my gosh, everything bagels with cream cheese is one of my FAVORITES! I'm really craving that right now. Love that last picture of Lloyd. Such a cutie!

  3. It's both a blessing and a curse, because we probably wouldn't spend as much time there if it wasn't within walking distance! ;)

  4. It's so hard to find good bagels! And scallion cream cheese is my favorite.


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