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Week In Photos: Week 6

I've been wanting to get a photo of Anthropologie in the morning sun, but they keep scheduling me to close on Sundays, so here's a night time shot of our window displays. Creepy.

Philadelphia got a ton of snow on Monday. This is what our apartment complex's parking lot looked like.

I never manage to take a photo of breakfast before I dig in...

Our neighbor's kids made a snowman! It was fun watching them roll the giant balls of snow around the lot.

Making cookie dough happens at least once a week. I can't believe we haven't gone through it all already!

Wednesday there was an ice storm, so of course I walked to Trader Joe's for some snacks.

That's the look he gives me when I try to read while he wants cuddles.

I've been going through old whimsey boxes I never got around to making...

Peppermint lip balm! I have to melt it back down though... I added too much wax and it's as solid as a candle. Oops!

This is my view when I read on the couch in the mornings...
he was having a ball with the catnip beaver Kaylah got him for Christmas!

I made lemon bars! That's probably why we haven't eaten many chocolate chip cookies this week.

THAT FACE. I love that face.

Chicken salad in the making. Next time, more chicken, less apple.

Break time at work! (I took two work photos this week... I'm trying to branch out, guys!)
Chicken salad, lemon bars, and a Palahniuk book.

Shawn said he was going out for 'a couple of' donuts. Then he came home with a box-full.
And some Girl Scout cookies.

I did it! I took a photo of breakfast before taking any bites! You guys don't understand how difficult that is.

I hope you all had an amazing week!! How about less snow this week though, no?


  1. we have been getting a ton of snow too and it's funny how snow makes one want to bake. :) the anthro windows do look a little creepy but Im sure there is a lot of fun shopping inside.

  2. I've definitely been going a little stir-crazy being stuck inside most of the winter, and I think baking a relaxing indoor activity :)


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