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Week In Photos: Week 5

Shawn caught a cold early in the week and then passed it on to me, so since I didn't leave the apartment for anything other than work, this week's photos are particularly Lloyd heavy. But I don't think anyone will mind!

I organized my books; kept the ones I haven't read or that are absolute favorites and put the rest down in storage.

The bookcase hadn't looked this empty since our move-in day!

Much better. Except Shawn covered up my books with picture frames. I don't know what he has against books.

Speaking of books, I went to our local library on Wednesday to sign up for a library card... and they were closed! So I went back home and started reading a Palahniuk book I've had since 2007 but never read.

Our refrigerator is looking barebones this week. I prepped a few things (quinoa, roasted veggies, roasted garlic, cooked spinach, chocolate chip cookie dough) for the week, but otherwise it's mostly beer.

What's out there, Lloyd?

He gives me the stink-eye when I take too many photos of him.

Tearing up paper bags and giving a toy some love.

Cats like to follow the sun.

Shawn thought it would be funny to put like items together...

Is that a grin I see?

Shawn brought home some lunch, for dinner.

Lloyd gets everywhere; he's always looking for new places to lay.

I hope your week was amazing!


  1. We always love Lloyd pics! I have such a struggle with book hoarding... I can't wait until I have a house where I can have a proper library. :-)

  2. A library would be amazing! :)


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