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Pinterest Collage

I've been on Pinterest for about two years now, and some of my earliest folders were for food, DIY, and fashion inspiration... so there are a lot of images to go through in each of those. Yesterday I took a look back through my Style Inspired folder and tried to pick out any recurring themes that I noticed. While there's a lot of color inspiration in there and looks with blazers and/or stripes, I did notice two things that seemed to pop up pretty frequently - patterned pencil skirts & belted a-line skirts - both are trends that I've definitely embraced over the last year. (I should take a photo of my closet so you can see... no, seriously!) At the beginning of last year I made a goal (I guess you can call it that) to start wearing more dresses and skirts, and over the past year I've definitely bulked up my wardrobe with both of those things! In fact, I'm now at a point where wearing a skirt or a dress feels way more comfortable to me than wearing pants. So it was definitely interesting to see that my inspiration folder may have helped pave the way towards that. Looks like I should start paying more attention to the things I pin!

credit: Sidewalk Ready / Selective Potential / Alicia Fashionista / Little Tin Soldier / Delightfully Tacky

credit: By The Shore / Thirty-five Inch Inseam / Elegant Musings / Kendi Everyday / Little Tin Soldier

Here's another fun one - I recently posted about buying pink pants, and going back through the style folder I noticed a few early photos I had pinned with pink pants, the captions reading "I really want some pink pants; too bad most shades don't work well with my skin tone." Well, Pinterest, it looks like I was wrong.

credit: Sunday Crossbow / Kendi Everyday

Pinterest has always been a great resource for me, not in the sense of going through it and re-pinning things from other people (I actually hate to do that because a lot of the time the images don't bring you back to the source...), but more as a virtual cork board for things that inspire me or pages I'd like to bookmark. It's been a great place to store things that would otherwise be taking up space in my bookmarks bar or in folders on my desktop, with an added aesthetic too! But I'm also guilty of pinning things and then forgetting about them completely, so I'm going to go through my pins and sort them over the next few weeks. Two years worth of pinning has certainly accumulated a lot of things I've since forgotten about!